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So, here I am, having fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing novels. But not just any novels—adventure novels with familiar themes from my professional background: biology, the physical sciences, and conservation issues of both regional and global importance—in other words, science-themed adventure stories. The characters and the plots, of course, are make-believe, but the central themes of my books draw upon very real scientific inquiry, myth-busting, and global environmental initiatives.


I received my formal education at North Carolina State University (Bachelor of Science), UCLA (Master’s Degree and Ph.D.), and University of California, Irvine (post-doctoral fellowship). After completing my schooling, I became a free-lance consultant and sometimes employee in the environmental sciences.

I currently live in Punta Gorda, Belize with my wife, two teenage children, three dogs, and the feline ruler of the domicile, Tracy

Books that may interest you

Birds of Belize

After nearly a decade and a half in print, Birds of Belize is still the definitive field guide and handbook on the avifauna of Belize, a small, but avifaunally rich English-speaking country in northern Central America. Birds of Belize is the indispensable birders’ “bible” for tourists and tour guides alike. Illustrated by renowned bird artist Dana Gardner.

Checklist of the Birds of the California Channel Islands

Co-authored with Paul Collins, A Checklist of the Birds of the California Channel Islands is a 50-page checklist of all the birds recorded on California’s Channel Islands, with separate columns for each of the eight Channel Islands and the coded status (abundance, seasonality, status as breeder or non-breeder) of each bird known to have occurred on each island.

Neotropical Owls: Their Diversity and Conservation

This book has individual chapters for most Latin American countries, including Belize. The chapter Owls of Belize, written with co-author Jan Meerman, has sections on taxonomy, habitat, distribution, and conservation needs and recommendations, along with species accounts for Belize’s 11 resident species and two vagrants. Accompanying each account is a map showing the distribution of the species in Belize. Edited by Paula Enríquez.


“I’ve enjoyed how you have intertwined your knowledge of birding with the characters.”

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